The tone and prestige of a school is important for the future of students as they leave and join the wider community. You can assist your child and the school by providing the correct uniform and ensuring the co-operation of your child with dress and deportment. The correct school uniform helps in creating a sense of belonging and assists in developing the correct mental set in the student about the purpose of school for the day.

The wearing of the school uniform is also required on most school excursions. On some field excursions casual clothes are more appropriate. The teacher will advise the students if casual clothes are required.

Note on shoes: Due to Health and Safety requirements, black shoes with a firm leather/leatherette or suede upper must be worn. Shoes must be black.

Where to Buy

Our school uniform is available at Lowes - Crown Street Mall, Wollongong. The school will no longer stock new uniform items for sale. We will continue to have on offer second-hand items. If you need to discuss any uniform needs please contact your child's Year Adviser or the Deputy Principal responsible for their cohort.

All items of clothing must be free of advertising and brand logos. Jewellery must be kept to a minimum and deemed safe and suitable by the school. The following is a guide: one light neck chain, one pair of small earrings (i.e. sleepers or studs), one small light bracelet or bangle, one small ring without stones. No other facial jewellery is permitted. Makeup must be kept to a minimum.

Current Full Uniform Specifications (PDF)