Special Education


Special Education Life Skills Program

Students with Special Educational needs have Life Skills outcomes selected on the basis that they meet the particular needs, goals and priorities of each student. The students are not required to address all outcomes. The outcomes selected may be demonstrated independently or with support. In order to provide a relevant and meaningful program, the outcomes are integrated across all the subject areas.

These key competencies are developed through the objectives, outcomes and content of the Life Skills course, in ways that address individual student needs. The following key competencies are embedded in all the Life Skill subject areas:

  • Collecting, analyzing, and organizing information
  • Communicating ideas and information
  • Planning and organizing activities
  • Working with others in teams
  • Using mathematical ideas and techniques
  • Solving problems
  • Using technology

The programs provide a relevant and meaningful program of study that reflects the needs, interests and abilities of each student. Contexts for the development of these general competencies are essential for the acquisition of effective community involvement, successful independent living, further education and future training and employment.