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Each month Keira High School produces a Newsletter with various articles about the school's activities, along with pieces by students. It is available in print from the school, and can also be downloaded via the following link.

Past Newsletters

Just in case you missed any previous newsletters, they are available here.


2012 December Newsletter (PDF)

2012 Oct - Nov Newsletter (PDF)

2012 September Newsletter (PDF)

2012 August Newsletter (PDF)

2012 June Newsletter (PDF)

2012 April Newsletter (PDF)

2012 March Newsletter (PDF)


2011 December Newsletter (PDF)

2011 November Newsletter (PDF)

2011 October Newsletter (PDF)

2011 September Newsletter (PDF)

2011 August Newsletter (PDF)

2011 July Newsletter (PDF)

2011 June Newsletter (PDF)

2011 April Newsletter (PDF)

2011 March Newsletter (PDF)

2011 February Newsletter (PDF)


2010 December Newsletter (PDF)

2010 October Newsletter (PDF)

2010 September Newsletter (PDF)

2010 July Newsletter (PDF)

2010 June Newsletter (PDF)

2010 May Newsletter (PDF)

2010 April Newsletter (PDF)

2010 March Newsletter (PDF)