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Keira High School is a comprehensive, co-educational school with an emphasis on academic achievement. Keira High School is situated in Wollongong. The school has a long tradition of delivering quality public education to the community since 1917.




Year 8 Zoo Excursion - Information for Students/Parents

Friday 27 October 2017

Coaches leave 7:30am sharp

Assemble in the gym on arrival at school

The excursion will proceed regardless of the local weather Friday morning Students should be prepared for showers that may occur in Sydney

Students must be in full school uniform



School Plan

Details of Keira High's School Plan for 2015 - 2017 can be found here.


Annual Report

Keira High's Annual School Report for 2016 can be found here.






2017 Athletics Carnival


House point score:


Waratah  1859

Acacia  1514

Boronia  1444

Banksia  1388





Age champions


Iola Sossai (12f)

April Htan (12m)

Sharnee Behr (13f)

Angus Kettley (13m)

Mijarey Trincardo (14f)

Cameron Jackson (14m)

Dorcus Toweh (15f)

Joshua Plumb (15m)

Amy McCall (16f)

Damien Moulds (16m)

Lucy Van Ryn (17+f)

Ayrton Jacobs (17+m)



2017 Cross Country Carnival


Winning house - Banksia




Age champions:


Iola Sossai (12f)

Lincoln Colless (12m)

Abby Warburton (13f)

Mohammad Adil (13m)

Mijarey Trincardo (14f)

Travis Furlong (14m)

Holly Lewis (15f)

Anthony Krsteski (15m)

Amanda Stevceski (16f)

Neo Musso (16m)

Grace Amatto (17+f)

Branislav Radmanovic and

Jackson Dent (17+m)



Community of Schools STEM

- visits to Year 4


Throughout May, a small team of Year 11 students provided Year 4 students from the Keira Community of Schools with a stimulating and rewarding half day of STEM activities. For most of the team their expertise was founded in the Science and Engineering Challenge of 2016 and proven in the polished delivery of activities that they have been instrumental in developing and refining.

Each of the public schools was visited and there was a focus on tower design and construction and solving the logistics and economy of networking outback communities.




The STEM visits were an outstanding success and nothing less was ever expected. Twenty one hours of quality learning delivered to over 200 Year 4 students. It is very pleasing for the Keira staff to be able to walk into a venue, say a few words and then step back and marvel as a team of highly professional experts from Year 11 delivered an engaging experience to a very appreciative audience.









































































Community of Schools STEM

- Year 5 Tournament Day


Over 200 Year 5 students from Pleasant Heights, Balgownie, Fairy Meadow, Mount Ousley, Wollongong and Coniston Public Schools competed in a range of stimulating STEM activities, designed and delivered by a team of Year 11 students of Keira High School.



This team has at its heart the reigning state finalists from the Illawarra and SE NSW division of the Science and Engineering Challenge of 2016.
This year’s STEM Tournament team also included several equally motivated and dedicated volunteers who were new to STEM. The team put in many hours of preparation, largely in their own time before and after school, to ready equipment, build new devices, design new activities and evaluate and refine instructions, rules and scoring systems.


The tournament featuresd a range of team activities, including building bridges, towers, wind racers and artificial hands from everyday materials (balsa, popsticks, plastic straws, tape etc.; coding robots to move objects around obstacles or to create artworks; producing coded messages through patterns of light and simulated

communications networks.

After a very busy and exciting day Pleasant Heights Public School emerged as champions for 2017.



Gonski Reforms


New South Wales was the first Australian state to agree to the 'Gonski' national educational reforms. Read the Premier's announcement.



Procedures and criteria regarding enrolments for 2017 can be found here.


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