Key Personnel


Senior Executive

Mr D J Robson

Deputy Principal
Mrs S Gray

Deputy Principal
Mr D Sharpe

Deputy Principal
Mr T Loades (acting)

Head Teachers

Ms S Blackstock

Ms C Ward (relieving)

Mr M Robson

Human Society in its Environment
Mr K Weber

Technology and Applied Studies
Mr G McPherson

Mr S Bird

Creative and Preforming Arts
Ms A Lawrence

Special Education
Mr G Guevara

Mrs V Kalatzis-Vlahakis

Ms O Thompson

Year Advisers

Year 7
Mr A Gale & Ms M Andrievski (assisting)

Year 8
Ms L Knox & Mr C Law (assisting)

Year 9
Mrs D O'Keefe & Mr C Wenzel (assisting)



Sports Organiser
Ms K Vecanski

Careers Adviser
Ms S Wilcock

Supervisor of Female Students
Ms K Arntzen

Administration Manager
Mrs T Tzanopoulos

Year 10
Ms T Power & Mr M Kahabka (assisting)

Year 11
Mr C English

Year 12
Mr G Holmes



Mrs M Green

School Counsellor
Mrs A Ahmed (7, 9, 11)

School Counsellor
Ms T Suka (8, 10, 12)

Student Representative Council
Mr P Slattery (adviser)