Our canteen supervisor.

Our award-winning canteen is run by a paid supervisor, with the help of a part-time assistant. The rest of the work comes from voluntary helpers. Funds come to the school by the efforts of parents who give of their time and energy at the school canteen. Their work is of immense value to the school, not only because nutritious food is provided for the students, but also because a profit is made to provide those extras that make teaching/learning so much more effective.

The Keira High School Canteen is a member of the Healthy Kids Canteen Association, and as such we employ the philosophy of the Intelligent Food Guide and the N.S.W. Healthy Canteen Strategy.

The Canteen has undergone a Food and Business Inspection by Wollongong City Council and complied in every facet of their criteria.

Any parent/caregiver interested in helping in the canteen should contact Kay Mackey on 4228 7657.

Please have a look at the excellent food and prices our canteen has to offer.

Canteen Price List (PDF)